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Attendease is an event automation platform that empowers teams to effortlessly create and manage their entire event portfolio. It helps event marketers save their time by efficiently automating tasks and publishing their events.


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  • Themes, event portals and event site publisher to design and scale for every event.

  • Integrate with Salesforce and Hubspot to bring your event data into your sales and marketing stack.

  • Track customers as members across your entire event portfolio.

  • and much more....



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   powerful platform, easy navigation. 

  Everything you need to create outstanding events.

  • Website themes for all of your events at the click of a button

  • Intuitive, flexible registration and payments

  • Business Unit, event and attendee analytics

  • Enterprise permissions, organization settings and access

  • Unparalleled session schedule management

  • Attendee notifications and messaging

  • Surveys and data collection

  • Mobile apps, integrations and more...




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When planning an event, everything flows from understanding the marketing personas that comprise your prospective attendees.

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It is important to have a repeatable process in place in order to maximize the value of your event.  

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"Attendease is the Swiss Army knife of conference production. The best part is the 'ah-ha' moments when using the platform - the attention to small details not only delight, but dramatically enhance the process of conference programming"

Wei Yeh, SXSW

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